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Facial AesthetiCS
with Dr Magenta


At The Church Road Dental Care Centre we are now proud to offer facial and medical aesthetic treatments with Dr Magenta. After graduating from Cardiff Dental School Magenta soon developed a keen eye for dental and facial anatomy. This soon became a passion which naturally has led to her specialising in medical aesthetics.As a dentist she combines extensive knowledge of the head and neck, with an eye for detail, in order to produce beautiful but natural aesthetic results, which are tailored to enhance the lives of each of her patients. Patient safety and satisfaction is at the core of her practice and she has therefore undertaken the Level 7 Medical Aesthetics qualification with the Harley Academy. She also regularly attends courses with the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute in order update her techniques and treatments. If you are interested in finding out more about the facial aesthetic treatments we can now offer at The Dental Centre, then why not call us today to book an initial facial consultation.

Facial and Aesthetic Treatments:

Every patient will require an initial consultation with Dr Magenta to discuss their needs and desires, and to chat through the pros and cons of any possible treatments. Dr Magenta will give patients a clear outline of costs prior to any treatment. Below is the approximate cost of the many treatments The Church Road Dental Care Centre can now offer.

FACE treatments:                            Price:


Anti-wrinkle injections

1 area                                                                               £250                 

2 areas                                                                             £300

3 areas                                                                             £330


'Gummy' smile reduction                                             £250

Treatment for Bruxism / TMJ                                       £480

'Nefertiti' neck lift                                                          £330


Hyaluronic acid dermal filler                                           

Lips                                                                                  £550

Chin                                                                                 £900

Jawline                                                                            £900

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose)                                 £900

Cheeks                                                                            £900

Tear troughs                                                                  £900


Restylane Skin boosters per ml                                 £350


Double chin reduction treatment                              £850

including skin tightening


Micro-needling (Skin Pen) per 

session with LED light therapy                                   £350


Individual mesotherapy                           

treatments with micro-needling                                £POA


Injectable rejuvenation                                               £520

(mesotherapy) from


Injectable hair rejuvenation

(mesotherapy)                                                              £1,800


PRP (face/hair) from                                                    £650



BODY treatments:                            Price:


Hyperhidrosis (excessive 

sweating)                                                                      £400


Fat dissolving injections 

per area                                                                        £750


Skin firming injections

with Pluryal BodyFirm                                                £260

per session

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