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Looking for Teddington dental practice reviews?

We truly value our clients and their opinions of the treatments & care we provide to them. Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about us below.

Read our client reviews

"I would like to thank you so very much for the work you did to save my abscess ridden tooth . I feel very lucky to have you as my dentist. I don`t think for one moment that I`d have kept my teeth for this long if it hadn't been for your skill and knowledge, care and attention. It`s not as though you've had the best of raw materials to work with. But here I am, nearing 70 and enjoying a full mouth of workable teeth. Thank you for all your wonderful work."

Mrs. Adams

"I have been a patient here for many years. I had previous bad experiences with dentists and coming to Church Road Dental Care is now a positive experience. I feel totally relaxed and comfortable and have recommended you to family and friends, who have all been very happy with their treatment".

Lisa H. Jewellery Designer

"I recently had an implant at Church Road Dental Care Centre to replace a missing front tooth. After talking through the options with Mr Banner, who has been my dentist for many years, I decided I would prefer the implant solution and he therefore referred me to his colleague, Mr Ben Griffith, who specialises in implants. Mr Griffith does an initial consultation to make sure everything is suitable to proceed and explain what is involved. He is an excellent communicator, who makes everything very clear throughout, and always gives you the opportunity to ask your own questions. I think establishing this trust is important, as having a dental implant is probably not something to be undertaken lightly. It involves very skilled surgery, carried out in a series of procedures over several weeks, and includes drilling down into the bone and stitches in the gum (under local anaesthetic). Mr Griffith is kind and professional and keeps in touch, especially after the implant has first been inserted, to make sure everything is progressing normally. He took great care with the measurements, with building up the bone with my own bone from elsewhere in the mouth, and centralising the implant in the jaw. He appears to have achieved an excellent result. It is great to have a new matching permanent tooth instead of a gap, and to have lost my lisp and be able to whistle again! Thank you again for all the trouble you took with my implant."

Mrs P. Scowen

"Dr O'Leary, thank you so much for making me a hard night guard. My morning headaches and aching jaw seem to have been cured, I have noticed that my head is clearer as I awake. I now enjoy a head massage, whereas before my head was very tender and felt bruised to be touched. I will definitely carry on wearing my guard; it has become my best friend. "

TFT, Tolworth

"Always, a warm welcome. John, your patience and understanding of ones' problems are found here. There is a professional confidence and comfort. Safe in your hands."

MH, Surrey

"John, Thank you for giving me back my smile! I really appreciate your skill, patience and permanent good humour."

Z, Surrey

"Dr O'Leary, Thank you for your patience, time and understanding. On reflection, I think that was, with your help, the most positive and least stressful dental experience I've had to date."

CM, Surrey

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