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our treatments

Our Teddington Dental Care services include a comprehensive range of traditional dentistry and cutting-edge solutions such as discreet orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics and much more. 


If you're looking for family-friendly, professional and personalised dental care in Teddington, book a consultation with Church Road Dental Care today. 


We are happy to see adults as private patients and children patients on the NHS. See our services below.

Dental Examinations

Uncover your best smile with our detailed dental check-ups. Count on our friendly team for personalised care that suits you.

Digital Radiographs

Our digital radiographs offer detailed X-rays with minimal radiation. Benefit from quicker, more precise treatment plans for a healthier, brighter smile.

We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic services, specialising in fixed clear braces and clear aligners, for a straight and healthy smile.

Our cosmetic (white) fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Experience a flawless, confident look for long-lasting, aesthetic results. 

Transform your smile with our inlays and veneers, seamlessly combining durability with a natural, beautiful appearance. 

Cerec Restoration Technology

Using cutting-edge 3D dental technology, our Teddington Dentists can create ceramic dental restorations (crowns, inlays, onlays etc) quickly & efficiently, for a convenient & precise solution for your dental needs.

Periodontal Treatment

Restore the health of your gums with our comprehensive periodontal treatment. Our dedicated team focuses on personalised care to combat gum disease, ensuring a foundation for a lasting, vibrant smile.

Tooth Extractions

Whether addressing decay or preparing for orthodontic care, we prioritise your comfort & wellbeing throughout the tooth extraction process.

Sinus Lift Procedures

Sinus lift dental procedures are designed to increase the bone height in the posterior part of the upper jaw, when there is insufficient bone for the placement of dental implants.

Emergency Care

Our swift and compassionate emergency dental care ensures quick relief from pain and immediate attention to your urgent oral needs.

We recommend regular hygienist visits with our friendly team to help keep your teeth and gums in optimal health for a confident, radiant smile.

Our tooth whitening service can significantly enhance the appearance of your smile by effectively reducing stains & discolouration on your teeth.

Restore your smile with our carefully crafted crowns and bridges, designed for durability, natural aesthetics, and to preserve your future oral health.

Dental Implants are the most ideal way to replace missing teeth. Learn about our team and the restorative dental implant solutions we can offer.

Relieve tooth pain and save your natural tooth with our expert root canal treatment. Our friendly & caring dental team ensure a comfortable experience, preserving your smile and oral health.

Periodontal Surgery

Our highly skilled team are committed to providing effective and tailored surgical solutions for optimal periodontal wellbeing. Talk to our team about our surgical services and after care.

Bone Grafting

We offer bone and gum regeneration solutions with Geistlich, which uses various materials to regenerate bone. These are mainly animal derived (xenograft). Ask our team for advice.

Conventional & implant-retained Dentures

Conventional dentures are removable prosthetics designed to replace a full arch of missing teeth. They rest on the gums and rely on suction or adhesives for stability. Implant-retained dentures are secured by dental implants, providing enhanced stability, comfort, and a more natural feel by anchoring the denture to the jawbone. This innovative solution prevents slippage and promotes better oral function for a confident and secure smile.

What Our Clients Say

Lisa H 

"I have been a patient here for many years. I had previous bad experiences with dentists and coming to Church Road Dental Care is now a positive experience. I feel totally relaxed and comfortable and have recommended you to family and friends, who have all been very happy with their treatment".

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